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My Day With The Cup!!! | August 11, 2010

If you have not heard on Friday Pat Kane will be bringing the Stanley Cup to South Buffalo.  It is something we have all dreamed about, having the day with the Cup.  I often wonder what a thrill it would be to be able to do whatever I wanted with it, go anywhere, see anything.  I decided to ask a few of my friends in the hockey world what they would do if they had the Stanley Cup for a day.  Here is what they had to say: 

First up I wanted a female perspective so I contacted Su Ring from CCPT Hockey on BlogtalkRadio every Sunday at 6pm EST. Su says: 

I’d start things off in true Seattle style: by having my favorite cafe (Cafe Vita) make the world’s largest latte in the Cup and share it with friends! Then, after carefully washing it, I’d head north to Everett, home of the WHL’s Everett Silvertips. We’d have a party at center ice with the Cup, with fans and players taking turns posing with this Holy Grail of hockey. I’d ask fans to donate money for the photos and give that money to the Volunteers of America Food Bank, who regularly teams up with the Silvertips and fans to stock the food bank’s shelves and help feed thousands of hungry families. Our next stop would be Kent, home of the Seattle Thunderbirds, where we’d hold another party with players and fans. Donations from this stop would go to the Eastside Domestic Violence Program, who helps abused women heal and begin new lives with their children. We’d finish the day by hosting a big party at Lynnwood Ice Arena with youth skaters from all across the region. All donations made at this event would be funneled into a fund to help struggling families pay for their kids’ hockey equipment. I’d also make a stop with the Cup at a Seattle Mariners game, to rub it in… I mean, to show fans what a championship trophy looks like. 

I knew this would not be possible to do without having a person from Philly to let us know how they would do it in the City of Brotherly Love.  John Russo writes for Team To Beat and he said in Philly the way it’s done is:

If I had the Stanley Cup for the day, I would spend the day with it and my friends who I know are hardcore Flyers fans like me that have never seen an orange and black parade. The Cup means a lot to Philadelphia fans, who embraced ice hockey in the mid-70’s with the Broad Street Bullies and hasn’t let go since.

We’d go bar hopping with the Cup with each of us getting to drink from the Cup like our favorite players have done before hand. Sharing in the tradition has always been a passion of hockey fans and I’d love to share that with others. 

I knew I couldn’t ask a Philly fan without asking a Rangers fan how they would celebrate with Lord Stanley, I went to my friend diehard Rangers fan Paul Gheduzzi who is quite the adventurer: 

Even though it is typically during the summer that most players like to have their 24 hours with the Stanley Cup, I would do it during the Christmas holiday break. I’d still technically be on the defending champion’s team, so I want it to be in the early winter I get to enjoy my special day with the toughest trophy to win in sports.

Where would I take it, you ask? I feel the Stanley Cup has never been to this one place before. Most likely not. I would bring it to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Why? It is one of the coldest places in the United States and you do not want to be there in January. It can get to wind chill temperatures that border those you would see in polar regions of our planet.

First I’d have a dogsled team make the hike up to the summit where the Mount Washington Observatory is located. I’d pack an ice cream maker with my supplies. After myself, my family and my closest friends arrive, we then make the ice cream. Before it becomes rock solid from the subzero temperatures, we take pictures with the Stanley Cup on the snow-covered observation deck with ourselves in winter gear. Then we go inside and eat the ice cream out of the bowl of the Stanley Cup.

While many NHL players have eaten things out of the Cup, I wanted to go somewhere different for it. I thought of where the Niedermayer brothers took it in mountainous British Columbia three years ago, so I felt why not a place in the northeastern United States with extreme cold, right in the spirit of hockey season. 

Finally I had to go to what is considered an untraditional hockey market to get the take of a southerner on what he would do with the Cup.  I contacted the biggest Predators fan I know Buddy Oakes from Preds On The Glass found on Blogtalkradio’s Monday evenings at 8 EST and at Buddy has a plan to spread the word:

If I had the Stanley Cup for a day, on the practical side, I would use it to promote hockey in the outlying Middle Tennessee area. Nashville and the immediate adjoining counties has pretty good awareness of the Predators and the NHL product and has been the focus of the Pred’s marketing efforts.

The remainder of the mid-state area is hardcore football country with strong ties to the Tennessee Vols, the Alabama Crimson Tide (unfortunately), and the Titans. The Predators pre-season caravans have stayed close to Nashville so a swing through the backwoods with the Cup and a couple of Predator players could open a few eyes to something different for many folks.

A more whimsical side of me would like to take the Cup deep into the center of Bryce Canyon and place it on the top of one of my favorite hoodoos or to the top of Cathedral Rocks in Sedona for cool photos.



There are so many different things people would do if they had the Cup for a day.  From partying wild, promoting the game, earning money for charity and even eating homemade ice cream on top of a mountain with it.  I guess this post would not be complete without me giving my dream day with the Holy Grail of  Hockey. 

I would first take the Cup to Caz Ice Rink in South Buffalo, where the kids could see it and take pictures.  My next stop would be Niagara Falls, now I know the Cup has seen the Falls before, but not from the view I would show it.  I have always been a bit of adventurer, so I would take the Cup into a barrel with me and go over Niagara Falls with it.  I know it is dangerous, but I think it would go down as one of the legendary tales in the adventures of Lord Stanley.  After I was detained for a few hours (so local authorities could also get their picture with it)  I would bring it to some of my favorite bars in South Buffalo and Lackawanna so my pals could have a sip out of it.  Finally I would take it back home so my family could have a few moments to spend enjoying The Stanley Cup in all it’s glory.   

That’s about it.  Please post remarks on what you would do with the Cup or if you have any comments about what anyone here had to say feel free to let them fly.  I want to give a special thanks to Su, Buddy, Paul and John for posting their dream day with the greatest trophy in sports.   



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